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My name is Joan Rifkin I have been a RESPITE PROVIDER for 18 years. I have experience with individuals that have add, adhd, autism, mr, ld, bd,people with Alzheimers Disease, and down syndrome. ADULTS/CHILDREN.  I use to work for SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT in st louis MO for 6 years and was a teachers assistant. I take care of individuals at my home near overland/vinita park MO. I will provide a safe enviroment for your loved one, a hot meal, plus I will work on IEP goals. I have many fun activities we can do together, like play board games, sensory activities, work on math, reading, spelling, writing, and basic science. I will also take your famiy member on outings as you desire for social skills and fun. I realize that individuals that have special needs,  need interaction with the community. I can also work on training for a job and appropiate behavior for their age. I will also change diapers, work on bathroom habits, grooming and much more. I have a high school diploma from south county technical high school and graduated June 4, 1981. I also have 60 credit hours from college in Mass communications.  Your therapist is more than welcome to come to my house and do speach therapy, physical therapy, ocupational therapy.  I find it very rewarding helping individuals meet and go beyond their IEP goals.

Its all up to you.  Together we can make a difference in your family members life.

I look forward to your call, my name again is Joan Rifkin at 314-395-8796




Joan Rifkin